Quality. Safety. Time. Cost.


Our aim is to ensure we continuously exceed all stakeholder expectations, through understanding our clients project requirements and placing a strong emphasis on Quality, Safety, Time & Cost.


The group has an ongoing drive to provide a superior service to our clients by offering clear and effective lines of communication, diligent systems & processes and ensuring we select the right team for the project.


Rosewell Group’s foundation is built upon our key personnel whom constantly strive to go beyond and provide exceptional customer service, upholding the group’s core business values. These core business values are built on trust and the continuously strive in providing our clients a relationship that is created through these very values.


Flexible and tailored construction & development solutions structured to ensure we achieve and exceed all stakeholder expectations.


In depth knowledge of construction management systems, processes and solutions combined with property development expertise.


A strong emphasis and continuous performance on a diligent, controlled and systematical approach to all business operations.


At Rosewell Group our approach is simple “your project success contributes to our own” and we constantly strive to ensure that each project exceeds our client’s and stakeholder expectations. This approach is adopted throughout all business operations and is evident through the “hands on approach” taken by the company directors who play an active role in the day-today operations of the business.


Our design and construction management teams utilize experience gained across a range of successful projects. This is also enhanced through partnering with a select group of external consultants to create a tailored and qualified team for every project. This enables the group to provide multiple project solutions to every challenge.


Rosewell Group understands that structured and reliable management systems and processes are paramount in ensuring the effective performance of all business operations. By incorporating in-house financial and administrative software, we ensure a structured and reliable approach to all internal business operations. This combined with ISO 9001, 14001 & 4801 systems and processes ensures all business operations are operating effectively and taking a best practice approach.


At Rosewell Group we understand the complexities and challenges of construction and throughout all site operations ensure a firm emphasis is placed on safety to create a “Safety First Culture”.