No two projects are the same.

Rosewell Group understands that no two projects are the same and each have their own challenges. It is our role to manage the significant logistics, challenges and risks of construction. The operation of the commercial, fitout, residential, industrial and remedial markets can essentially be broken down into 3 key stages; cost planning & procurement, design & construct and project/construction management.



Cost Planning & Procurement

Tailored and accurate cost planning and procurement strategies, enabling our clients to make sensible and informed decisions regarding their project. Rosewell offers alternatives to reduce cost, suggesting innovative materials and construction systems to “build it faster”.

Design & Construct Solutions

Utilizing a client’s brief, we have the capability to provide a complete design & construct solution, ensuring the pieces of the puzzle fit together, are documented correctly and communicated accurately on site.

Project/Construction Management

Contracting solutions which identify the critical complexities of each project ensuring the time, cost, safety and quality targets are achieved.


Cost Plan 1

Preliminary Cost Assessment

Work Shop 1

Design Review

Rosewell Group provides an effective ECI service by creating a forum for all consultants and contractors to suggest alternative designs, materials and construction systems which in turn create cost and programme efficiencies.


During the preconstruction and design development phase our project teams have the capability to create positive cost, quality and programme efficiencies. This service can significantly reduce risk and achieve project efficiencies for our clients. This process is often overseen by clients and once construction commences the opportunity in exploring potential efficiencies is diminished.


The design team breaks the project into critical components and each component goes through a design development process and as the design progresses, Rosewell assesses and validates the potential design decisions analysing their cost, methodology, quality and programme implications so that our customers can make an informed decision.

Cost Plan 2

Cost & Buildability Assessment

Work Shop 2

Options Agreement

Design Finalisation

Development & Coordination

Final Cost Plan

Methodology & Programme



Combined with Rosewell Groups construction services we also offer tailored development services creating a fully integrated approach. Utilizing our expertise the group is able to provide accurate and reliable service.

Cost Planning & Procurement

Design, Development & Management





Finance Models

Marketing & Sales